Parking Copenhagen

Parking Copenhagen

As part of the digitisation of the City of Copenhagen, ticketless parking has been introduced in the municipality’s areas with paid parking. The solution has paved the way for simple and fast parking payment for motorists as well as very efficient parking control for the municipality. Motorists no longer need to return to their cars with a parking ticket, but just need to enter the car’s license plate number into the parking machine and parking control is done automatically by scanning the license plates on parked cars.

In this regard, Logos has upgraded 800 parking machines for the City of Copenhagen to a new and effective terminal solution with touch screen with intuitive customer dialogue as well as significantly faster transaction time compared to the earlier solution.

In addition to the parking terminals, Logos has delivered the web-based back-end solution, ParkManager, for the administration and monitoring of, e.g.:

  • The status of the parking terminals
  • Technical warnings and alarms
  • Pricing (parking rates)
  • Transactions
  • Coin inventory
  • Planning of cash handling logistics
  • Service tasks on parking terminals
  • Accounting and reconciliation data
  • Reports and statistics

In March 2017 Logos delivered 110 new parking terminals to the City of Copenhagen’s new Yellow zone. The parking terminals are equipped with NFC card readers to read contactless Dankort and credit cards as well as on the mobile phone.