Parkering København

New parking meters with touchscreen, intuitive customer dialogue and fast transaction time.

Quick and easy parking payment and efficient control

As part of the digitalisation of the City of Copenhagen, ticket-free parking has been introduced in the municipality’s areas for paid parking.

The solution has paved the way for simple and fast parking payment for drivers as well as a very effective parking control for the municipality. Drivers no longer have to return to the car with a parking ticket, but simply enter the car’s registration number on the parking meter, and parking control takes place via automatic scanning of number plates on parked cars.

In this connection, Logos has upgraded 800 parking meters for the City of Copenhagen to a new and efficient machine solution with a touch screen with intuitive customer dialogue and a significantly shorter transaction time.

City of Copenhagen

ParkManager for administration and surveillance

Besides the parking meters, Logos has delivered the web based operational solution ParkManager for administration and surveillance of, among other things:

  • The parking meters’ status, including technical warnings and alerts
  • Service tasks on the parking meters
  • Pricing (parking rates)
  • Transactions
  • Reports and statistics, including financial data

Access to detailed status in the administration system

The City of Copenhagen uses ParkManager to manage and monitor the parking meters.

For Parko terminals with coin toss, ParkManager can be used to view status, service tasks and transactions, and at the same time it can also display coin inventory, and you can plan emptying of coin tubs online.

Most recently, in March 2017, Logos delivered 110 new parking meters to the City of Copenhagen’s new Yellow Zone. The parking meters are equipped with an NFC card reader for reading contactless Dankort and credit cards, among other things.

The new parking meters for City of Copenhagen are equipped with a card reader for contactless credit cards

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