Monitoring and
technical support

Ensures maximum uptime on your equipment.

Surveillance ensures maximum uptime

Logos monitors the operation of fuel and wash sites to ensure that both service and payment related equipment at fuel and wash sites are up and running.

Fuel sites and car washes are monitored remotely every day from 7:30 am to 10 pm from our service centre in Odense, Denmark.

The surveillance from the service centre is designed to secure the primary operation of fuel sites and car wash installations. We make sure that we always have dedicated staff on duty, so you do not have to allocate any staff or temporary staff for this part of operations.


We take care of faults and breakdowns – and get your equipment up and running in no time

Should an error or breakdown occur at a fuel site or car wash, our service centre will handle it:

  • We will reset, open or close pumps, terminals, washing machines etc.
  • We facilitate calls to the relevant technicians or fuel suppliers
  • We will notify the owner in the situation and at set intervals send reports to fuel companies, gas station owners or service companies

Quick response time and better service for your customers

The surveillance is carried out through big monitors at the service centre, which show red or yellow dots to indicate alarms from terminals, pumps, CNG dispensers, I/O and other forecourt equipment.

On top of the built-in alarm features of the equipment, we use visual surveillance with on-site cameras.

Short reaction time and preventative action provide the users of the site with a service of higher quality; they avoid arriving at a fuel site or a car wash, that is struck by errors or breakdown.

Should problems occur with the operation at a payment terminal, the service centre will send a service message to the screen of the payment terminal, so the users are properly informed.

Defective Unit

If you are in doubt that your device is defective, please contact technical support before creating a repair case (RMA). Technical support:

If you need to create a repair case (RMA), please go to this page and select “Repair”:

Should you, contrary to expectations, experience challenges with the RMA form, please contact us via the following e-mail address:

Our support reacts quickly in the event of errors or breakdowns and quickly initiative corrective actions.

The surveillance centre and technical support work closely together

Within normal business hours, the vigilant staff at the surveillance central can even get support directly in the department for technical support, which is also placed at our headquarters.

2nd level technical support is typically offered to oil companies, station owners, partners and 3rd party service operators and within normal business hours.