Modern payment machines for toll stations.

Rationel, intuitive and reliable

At the toll station on the Great Belt Bridge, drivers are greeted by a Logos payment machine:

The front plate is simple in its design, because all communication takes place via a touch screen. A video shows how to insert the card. Blue light indicates the card reader. The receipt comes out quickly. Everything is optimised for as simple and as fast a transaction as possible.

The Great Belt Bridge in numbers

User-friendliness, design and sparring

“Logos is good at maintaining user-friendliness,” says Operations Manager Palle Nygård from the Great Belt Bridge, “and on the Great Belt Bridge it is more important than ever.”

On busy travel days, more than 50,000 cars have to go through the toll booth.

“The design fits the stylish line we want to keep by the bridge. Logos has provided significant input and been a good partner in both development, design and user-friendliness, ”concludes Palle Nygård.

Quick flow through the toll booth

For the Great Belt Bridge, it was key that the new payment terminals should ensure could pass quickly. And they do.

All the 72 new terminals for the Great Belt Bridge and the Oresund Bridge are designed with user-friendliness in mind and with the best technology. Therefore, the flow through the system is fast, while the drivers’ experience is top-notch.

"Logos is good at maintaining user-friendliness, and on the Great Belt Bridge it is more important than ever."

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