Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo

Logos has a long-term cooperation with ZOO in Copenhagen on the admission registration and payment terminals, among other things.

VendingCAT increases the sales 108 percent.
Copenhagen ZOO has increased their turnover by this much in several of the garden’s beverage vending machines after it became possible to pay with a card and not just coins. A large part of the increase in turnover comes from international payment cards. “I can actually only find advantages in offering card payment as a supplement to coin payment in the vending machines. Our experience in Copenhagen ZOO is that it has not only increased our sales and earnings significantly. Our guests have also gained better services in the form of shorter queues by the kiosks, more points of sale, etc. At the same time, we spend less time on administration when most of the sales occur via card payments and we don’t have to go to the bank so often with coins.”

That is what Division Manager, Palle Juhl Taulov has to say. He is the senior manager for ZOO’s commercial sales and is also responsible for all beverage and snack vending machines,which are located in strategic places in the garden.

“We have increased the number of vending machines in recent years and it has been a pleasant surprise to see the large earnings potential we can realise by offering card payment. Part of the secret is that via our redemption agreement with Teller, it is also possible to pay with international cards. This is clearly a must for a place like ZOO. A large part of our annual 1.2 million guests come from abroad and rarely do they have coins on them. Nor should you forget that today many Danes have international debit or credit cards in their pockets.” “When you also factor in the gain of easier operations, then I reckon that our investment in card payment will have paid for itself already after one year.

Admission registration and payment
Logos Design has also developed a solution that reads the barcode on tickets and gives fast admission. Every year about 1.2 million guests go through the turnstiles to experience all sorts of wild animals in ZOO on Valby Bakke in Copenhagen and this requires a simple admission system to handle the pressure.

Logos has also delivered a simple and fast payment terminal based on VendingCAT for admission payment to the ZOO tower which has one of the city’s best vantage points.