Easy and fast entrance registration, self-service and payment at the rides.

Customised solutions

Since 1996, Logos has created customised solutions to Tivoli and we provide, among other things, solutions for entrance registration as well as self-service and payment for the rides.

An example is the Gold Terminal, which can be found at the entrances and efficiently serves guests with Tivoli’s annual card for the benefit of both guests and staff.

Tivoli's criteria

Overview ofkey figures

Logos’ solutions collect and compile visitor numbers, use of cards at the entrance, use of rides, etc. This gives Tivoli the opportunity to see the current number of visitors at any time.

Card payment at the rides with VendingCAT

Logos’ VendingCAT can also be found in Tivoli and allows payment with Dankort and credit cards for single trips directly at the rides, in case the visitor do not have a tour pass or tickets.

The design and customer interface in all solutions for Tivoli are adapted so that they are in accordance with Tivoli’s design guides.

Layout and interface are customised to fit Tivoli's design guides.

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