Polar Oil, Greenland

Payment terminals and back office systems for all Polaroil tank facilities.

Payment terminals and back office systems for oil company in Greenland

Polaroil is Greenland’s national oil company, which has a universal service obligation throughout Greenland.

Polaroil and Logos entered into a close collaboration in 2009, which led to Logos delivering payment terminals and back office systems to all Polaroil’s tank facilities.

We have also supplied more than 100 Tatsuno fuel pumps to Polaroil.

Polaroil in numbers

Our deliveries to Polaroil include:

  • 40+ PaySys terminal
  • 100+ Tatsuno pumps
  • 30+ WebFuel solutions
  • 20+ Shop interfaces
  • 20+ electrical panels

Fuel sites in the most northern part of the world

Today, Logos supplies terminals, pumps, switchboards, etc. for new facilities and refurbishments of Polaroil’s tank facilities.

In addition, we support Polaroil with installation, service and support.

Polaroil's solutions are designed to withstand the cold and harsh climate without compromising on user-friendliness or reliability.

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