FuelWatch is a host solution for simple and efficient remote monitoring of petrol stations in order to ensure maximum uptime as well as fast on-site service in the event of failure.

For an operator with many sites over a large geographic area, the solution provides a simple graphic overview in one display of the operational situations.

Monitoring of all connected forecourt equipment, including:

  • Terminals
  • Pumps
  • Price Signs
  • Tank Level Measuring Equipment
  • Cameras
  • I/Os (key boxes, emergency stop, door switches, temperature switches, etc.)

Remote control and diagnostics of:

  • Alarms
  • Transactions
  • Writes message to the terminal’s screen
  • Opens and closes pumps
  • Opens and closes terminals
  • Mirroring of terminal screen for better on-site customer support
  • Terminal status
  • Monitoring via cameras
  • Alarm log
  • Alarm statistics
  • Option for SMS notification in the event of alarm

FuelWatch can be offered as a service with monitoring via NPS’ surveillance centre with an associated on-site service for 365 days a year.