Luxury car wash in Denmark from the German manufacturer “Christ”.

A collaboration that goes back years

Wennstrom Wash Systems installs, services and sells luxury car wash facilities in Denmark from the German manufacturer “Christ”.

For many years, they have bought and installed payment terminals from Logos at their car wash facilities on the Danish market.

Wennstrom's criteria

Simple system and efficient payment flow

Wennstrom Wash Systems chose Logos’ payment solutions because we had proven experience in installing, servicing and monitoring systems. It gave them peace of mind and confidence that we could solve the task.

In addition, they emphasised that we:

  • Are a local supplier who knows the Danish market
  • Have a flexible product range with terminals for all purposes
  • Have an easy and efficient payment flow
  • Have high reliability

The terminals can be adapted to special needs

Some of the great advantages of the Logos solution were that Wennstrom was given the opportunity to adapt the terminals to their specific needs.

These include:

  • Possibility of stand-alone car wash facilities to create loyalty programs via wash keys with the option of refuelling directly at the terminal
  • Possibility of CodeWash for workshops and petrol stations, so that customer contact is maintained
  • Uncomplicated system for setting up a car wash club even for owners with a single car wash
  • Simple system for business customers who want invoices
  • Specially customised solutions to manage cards at car wash facilities for trucks

Der er mulighed for at tilpasse terminalerne med loyalitetsprogrammer, CodeWash og vaskeklub .

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