Tide Bus

Reliable system to register and manage bus operation.

With LocSys 2015 bus operation is easy to manage and register

Tidebus, who operates busses several places in Denmark, also uses a Logos system to manage and register operations for each bus.

Tidebus' criteria

Easy and user-friendly payment terminals

Tidebus currently uses a Logos terminal of the LocSys 2015 type because:

  • It is easy and simple to use
  • The design is robust
  • It is reliable for outdoor or indoor use
  • You can assign dallas keys to each employee

The terminal LocSys 2015 could do everything Tidebus needed

Tidebus had a number of requests and requirements for their payment solution, and LocSys 2015 could do everything they needed.

In addition to ease of use and reliability, they also have the opportunity to:

  • Register bus number with associated mileage
  • Detect up to four products, e.g. diesel, engine oil, washer fluid and coolant
  • Collect all data in a backend system
  • Make a simple report extract for consumption control

LocSys 2015 is both user-friendly and reliable, and there is a well-thought-out backend system, where Tidebus gets an overview of data.

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