Makes it easy to pay.

Get started quickly with Logos Valina

With Logos Valina, a purchase is completed very quickly. The payment solution accepts all modern forms of payment, has an intuitive user interface and is 100% self-service. It works both outdoors and indoors.

Healthy cash flow

Logos Valina, like all other payment terminals, is secured with PSAM from Nets, and frequent settlement ensures a healthy cash flow.

Logos creates a redemption agreement with Nets.


PayManager is a cloud-based management system where you can manage prices, find transactions, pull reports and get a full overview. PayManager can be used on PC, mobile and tablet.

Flexible payment module

Logos Valina can be installed in coffee, snack and soda machines, solariums, laundries, access doors and other places where a flexible payment solution is needed.

Logos Valina gives you

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