Logos Design develops and manufacturs the VendingCAT payment terminal for self-service terminals and vending machines, such as

  • Soft drink vending machines
  • Snack vending machines
  • Coffee vending machines
  • Product vending machines
  • Ticket machines

The solution supports both card and mobile payments and makes it possible to completely avoid coins in the vending machines, which provides a more efficient and profitable operation without difficult, risky and cost-heavy handling of cash.

Mobile payment can be carried out with Apple Pay, Google Pay or the Danish MobilePay, which helps to ensure a greater possibility for payment even though the payment card has been forgotten at home.

Our experience is that card and mobile payment in vending machines typically increase the sales in the individual machine by 30-40%.

VendingCAT is delivered with an interface to our web-based administration system, PayManager, so there is control of:

  • Vending machines
  • Terminals
  • Transactions
  • Accounting data
  • Reports
  • Software updates
  • Etc.



For some years, Logos Design has been one of the only players on the market for card payment for vending machines. Our payment terminals for vending are specially designed to fit into the most common vending machines on the market, but can also be easily used by larger or smaller coffee vending machines. The vending providers want to move away from coins and cash. By using a VendingCAT from Logos Design, the customers are given the possibility to pay with a credit card or smartphone.