Since it was established back in 1986, Logo Design has developed payment and registration systems for laundries, primarily multi-housing laundries.

Our most widespread solutions are developed for Miele and are installed at more than 3,500 laundries in Denmark and Norway. More and more multi-housing associations place ever increasing demands on the choice of payment systems and Logos keeps up with it all. Most recently with our new Basic unit, which can control washing machines and tumble dryers centrally or de-centrally plus handle reservations on the association’s website, from an app or via MobilePay.

Our solutions for multi-housing laundries and for public laundrettes, cover:

  • Booking and registration systems, via the web and an app
  • Booking and payment terminals for central and de-central control of washing machines, tumble dryers and rotary ironers
  • Payment terminal for Dankort, credit card and mobile payment
  • Payment with local card or credit card
  • Control of washing programs
  • Detergent dosing systems
  • Access control
  • Back-end solutions for administration of laundries, customers, terminals, etc.
  • Interfaces to third party systems


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