Logos Design delivers efficient, stable and state-of-the-art payment solutions for the parking market, including:

  • Parking terminals for street parking
  • Solutions for multi-storey car parks, car parks, barrier installations, etc.
  • Upgrading kit for existing parking terminal solutions
  • ParkManager, a web-based administration system for simple administration, monitoring and servicing of:
  • Terminals
  • Transactions
  • Rates
  • Accounting functions
  • Alarms
  • Etc.
  • Entry and exit barriers
  • Control solutions

Our solutions support various business models within parking and can be adapted to the individual’s needs for:

  • Park and display, the traditional form where a parking ticket is printed to display on the front windscreen
  • Ticketless parking, e.g. entering the car’s number plate or check-in/check-out with payment card

We focus on a simple and intuitive user interface in the terminals and, with ParkManager, we have made it simple and fast for our customers to follow the status of their parking terminals, set up prices and monitor transactions, etc.