Check-in and ticketing terminals

Check-in and ticketing terminals

Logos Design delivers complete check-in and ticket terminal solutions for ferries and harbours, which ensure the efficient and reliable servicing of passengers both in vehicles and on foot.

For example, the solutions include:

  • Check-in and ticket terminals (both stand-alone and built-in models)
  • ACI Manager, an efficient monitoring solution of car lanes, terminals, alarms, transactions, etc. with a view to ensuring the most efficient operation of the facility
  • Automatic road barriers
  • Cameras
  • Bizz solutions (DSRC/OBS) as well as interface to, e.g. BroBizz and EasyGo
  • Classification solutions (VDC)
  • Speed gates for foot passengers
  • Interface to back-end systems

We offer custom-made adaptation of the graphic customer interface, customer dialogue as well as integration to existing systems so that the overall solution is tailored to the individual needs.

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