Petrol Stations and Fuel Sites

Petrol Stations and Fuel Sites

Our subsidiary NPS A/S delivers complete payment and registration solutions for petrol stations and fuel sites of all sizes. Our references include more than 3,500 installations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and France. The solutions include:

  • PaySys payment terminals (MID, EMV & PCI approved)
  • LocSys registration terminals for closed fuel pump systems (e.g. harbour, bus and truck facilities)
  • NetFuel and WebFuel back-end solutions for effective administration of complete station networks as well as individual systems and terminals
  • Interface, control and monitoring of forecourt equipment such as fuel pumps, price signs, level measuring equipment, car wash facility, oil separators, double-walled tank alarms, emergency stop, etc.
  • Remote monitoring of fuel sites, payment terminals and all connected forecourt equipment, including cameras
  • CNG dispensers for gas systems
  • Tatsuno fuel pumps that have the reputation of being among the market’s most reliable and fail-safe fuel pumps.

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