PSAM Payment chip

PSAM Payment chip

PSAM (Purchase Security Application Module) is a chip – a small security module – which is placed in payment terminals and looks like a SIM card for a cell phone.


PSAM from Nets A/S

The PSAM technology helps to ensure that your payment terminal(s) consistently comply with requirements from the card companies (VISA, MasterCard and Dankort, among others) and is therefore a condition for your acquiring agreement. In order to perform regular, mandatory updates of PSAM’s software and to maintain the PSAM technology, Nets charges an annual PSAM licence fee to cover these updates and maintenance. Billing of the licence will occur via the PSAM supplier, including Logos Design A/S.

Billing will occur for the first time in connection with the purchase of a PSAM and will subsequently be billed every year on 1 January for one year at a time.

More information from Nets A/S here.


Order your PSAM with us

Simply send your business ID (Danish Forretningsnummer) and the number of PSAMs, you want to order, to, and we will take care of it.


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