ParkManager is a web-based administration system for operations, monitoring and management of Logos’ Parko parking terminal solutions.

The solution has a comprehensive amount of functions, which are structured for the following areas:

  • Parking terminals
  • Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Pricing (tariffs)
  • Coin handling
  • Reports and statistics
  • Service tasks

The system is aimed at operators of car parks and is used by City of Copenhagen, among others, for the operation and management of more than 800 parking terminals.

For example, ParkManager can show active notifications from all or selected parking terminals and consequently gives a realtime overview of the operating situation:

  • Overall status on the online connection of parking terminals (number and which parking terminals that have not connected the server for a specific period of time)
  • Overall status on parking terminals with active notifications split into type: critical, info, service, preventative maintenance, emptying)
  • Status on data connection to the parking terminals
  • Status on the programme that communicates with the parking terminals

ParkManager is made in a responsive web design, which means that the solution can be used across different platforms; PC, tablet and mobile.