NetFuel is a back-end system for the control and administration of fuel sites. NetFuel is developed for larger configurations where a central set-up, data collection, price control, reporting, alarm management, etc. is required of the terminals PaySys, LocSys and LocFuel 3000.

NetFuel is installed on a centrally located server and is based on a SQL database.

In the daily operations, NetFuel provides the possibility to control prices (locally, groups, globally, campaigns), product restrictions and stock, manage customers (cards and vehicles) as well as display and print transactions, monitor the system via alarms and events. In addition, NetFuel generates various operations reports for requested periods. There is also the option to generate product orders directly with the supplier or fuel pump company. NetFuel includes an alarm module with all alarms from equipment connected to the system – e.g.:

  • Payment terminals
  • Pumps
  • Price Signs
  • Tank Level Measuring Equipment
  • Car Wash
  • External Alarms
  • Central alarm monitoring and management of connected equipment as well as a complete overview of
    • Transactions
    • Tank levels
    • Deliveries
    • Alarms
  • Option for monitoring of, e.g. emergency stop, temperatures, theft, lighting, oil separator, etc.
  • Module for price control
  • Module for administration of customers, local cards, card restrictions, etc.
  • Reports as well as possibilities for exporting data
  • Optional email and SMS notifications
  • The system can be integrated to existing card and ERP systems

Overall, an easy, manageable and powerful way to manage many terminals and other forecourt equipment.