Repair and service

Repair and service

In the event you have a defective unit that needs to be repaired, please fill out the RMA formular below.

Our service department will then return the formular with RMA-number.

Print out the RMA formular and send it with the defective unit to Logos Design at the following address:


Logos Design A/S
Att: Serviceafdelingen
Naerum Hovedgade 6
2850 Naerum

Website (required)

Invoice address

Enter invoice address.
Enter invoice email address, and possibly requisition number.


Contact person

Enter name, tepephone number and e-mail.


Return address

Enter return address if different from invoice address.



Enter the product name/type and possibly version.

Serial number

Enter serial number if possible.

Fault description

Enter detailed description of the fault.

Send expected price before repair?

By checking this box and requesting offer before repair, you agree that you have read and understood our standard service conditions.

Fields marked with * must be filled out to ensure no wasted time on clarifying questions.

Read our standard service conditions
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