This is how we work

This is how we work

Solid project management, no compromise on quality and the greatest possible security are the cornerstones of the way in which Logos Design works with its tasks.

The path to the good result begins with the daily motivation of the employees. At Logos Design we are all involved to the maximum extent so commitment is in place and everyone has an understanding of the challenges that need to be solved. Motivation, involvement and commitment are preconditions for good quality and project management.

Solid project management

We do not have any ‘off the shelf’ items Therefore, each project begins with a customer need. We listen to the requirements during the concept phase and handle feasibility studies, requirement specification and resource estimation all the way to an approval. We are then responsible for development and testing up to evaluation and hand-over of the product. Everything is organised in set frameworks.

Quality and safety

From selection of technology across material choice to in-depth testing, we build both know-how and quality into our products. In addition, we have a security policy in which we guarantee full confidentiality on the entire project and production phase. This is supplemented with comprehensive security of our building with access control and alarms.