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Our technical supporters are ready to assist whenever you need help.

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Service mail

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Monday to Thursday from 7.30 to 16.00.
Friday from 7.30 to 14.00.

If you need service outside opening hours, you have the option to enter a service agreement.

Contact us on telephone:
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Startguide to PayManager

Here are five short guides on the most commonly used features of PayManager

  • New password
  • Overview of terminals
  • A specific sale
  • The receipt
  • Revenue

Go to the website
and enter the personal username and password you have received from Logos.

After login, you will see PayManager desktop, which is customized according to user rights.

Where do I change the password?

It is a good idea to change the password when you log in for the first time.

Other settings

Here you can select the preferred Language

If Help is turned on, you can hover your mouse over a button or menu to show a description.

Here you log out of PayManager.

How do I get an overview over my terminals?

By default, all your terminals are displayed under the menu item Terminals

If you have a large number of terminals, you can use Perspective on the left side to filter the view, e.g. by selecting a specific Location.

Are my terminals operating as they should?

In the Status column,  there will be a colour code next to each terminal:

Green = OK
Yellow = Warning
Red = Error

Support and notification of faults are done by contacting Logos’ customer support within normal working hours on +45 2559 0191 or by sending an email at

How do I find a specific sale?

To find a sale, it is necessary to know (A) the terminal from which the payment was made, (B) the approximate time and (C) the means of payment.

A. Terminals

As a starting point, transactions for Today are displayed. Time and period are subject to change.

B. Approximate trading time

Note: If a payment fails, it will be marked with a yellow or red figure in the Status column.

C. Means of payment

The form of payment is displayed in the Subtype column.
If the payment was made with a payment card, the card used appears in the columns Card type and Reference, where the last four digits can be seen.

Hvis du ikke kan se kolonnerne i opgørelsen, skal du scrolle mod højre i oversigten.

Can I have the receipt?

Find the relevant transaction and klik on the button Show in the corresponding column.

The receipt can be given to the customer by clicking on the print icon at the top left.

The receipt will show:
– whether the transaction has been authorized/rejected,
– the amount paid
– and by what means of payment.

What is the turnover of my terminals?

On the left side, you can choose between several types of statements.
You can choose to see the list of all your terminals or filter them on, e.g. Location.

The list summarizes the sales for all the displayed terminals.

See the details of each terminal’s sales in the Revenue column on the right side of the window.

Og turnover distributed on means of payment?

Use Means of Payment on the left side if you want statements for each individual means of payment.
By selecting a specific means of payment, the columns displayed in the statement are changed so that related numbers and totals are shown.

Click Export at the bottom left to get the numbers in a spreadsheet.

The balancing report contains information on each transaction.