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Easy payment with MobilePay in self-service machines

At Logos, we have developed our payment terminals to also accept MobilePay – originally in close collaboration with Danske Bank. Our card and MobilePay vending machines ensure smooth self-service for private customers in all sorts of situations, such as soda vending machines, coffee machines, solariums and parking vending machines.

MobilePay for private use has become quite widespread, so as a business it is difficult to ignore it as a form of payment, even in self-service vending machines.

MobilePay gives you

MobilePay payment in vending machines is easy

  • Choose payment with MobilePay
  • Select item
  • Scan the QR code with MobilePay
  • Approve amount in the app
  • Item is handed out
    Electronic receipt is received in the app

With a separate redemption agreement, MobilePay can be activated on the vast majority of our card terminals, including the widespread Logos Valina for vending machines with drinks and snacks, entrance fees and, for example, solariums and laundries.

We have also developed a smaller payment unit that runs exclusively on MobilePay, our so-called mCAT. It is not very space consuming and will affect a wide customer group in Denmark, where smartphone and MobilePay are very

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