LocSys 5015

Advanced terminal for tank and washing systems.

LocSys-terminal til registrering og betaling

LocSys 5015 is an advanced and stable terminal

The terminal is an advanced terminal for tank and washing systems that can withstand being outdoors 24/7/365. The well-running terminal is delivered in a stainless steel cabinet with or without column and wall bracket, and it gives you many advantages:

  • Identifies the user via Dallas key, smart card, magnetic card or RFID tags
  • Support for company cards, local cards, loyalty cards, vehicle and driver cards, etc.
  • Language selection in the menu: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French and English
  • Possibility of interface to companies’ ERP and host systems
  • Transmits data to WebFuel / WebWash via network (LAN or WLAN via TCP / IP) or with NetFuel Server via GPRS or network (LAN or WLAN via TCP / IP)

Refueling system:

  • Controls up to 12 pumps, 32 products
  • 6.4 ”touch screen
  • Online and offline authorization of local maps
  • Supports local card, vehicle number, driver name and PINs
  • Supports level measurement systems, price tags and external alarms

Wash system:

  • Manages a wash room or up to 12 “do-it-yourself” wash places
  • 6.4 ”touch screen
  • The terminal communicates via CodeWash, which can generate wash codes and fill in wash keys in an easy and efficient way
  • Supports Wash Club and CodeWash
  • Supports 4 optional relays during washing, for eg brush control, deselect buttons etc.

LocSys 5015 gives you

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