User-friendly terminal for refueling systems.

LocFuel 3000 can control up to 4 pumps and is delivered in a stainless steel cabinet

The LocFuel 3000 terminal is designed for refueling facilities that require identification and data collection.

  • Controls up to 4 pumps
  • Transmits data to WebFuel via network (LAN or WLAN via TCP / IP) or with NetFuel Server via GPRS or network (LAN or WLAN via TCP / IP)
  • Manages 3,000 users, 3,000 vehicle numbers, 3,000 drivers and up to 30 products
  • Identifies the user via dallas key or magnetic card
  • The terminal is delivered in a lacquered cabinet

LocFuel 3000 gives you

LocFuel 3000
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