Payment terminals

Makes payments easy and secure.

Efficient payment solutions for petrol stations and car wash facilities

We offer a wide range of self-service payment terminals. We have used our many years of experience to develop a customised payment terminal for each of the typical user experiences and self-service situations.

The need for e.g. a single fuel pump at a private bus or truck facility will be significantly different from the chain with several gas stations offering both fuel and car wash.

At private facilities, the payment terminal may be used primarily as registration to secure access and monitor the stock of fuel, while commercial service stations need to offer customers the latest forms of payment and keep track of the many pumps.

Parko is a certified payment machine for parking both on the street and at closed toll booths, where the customer checks in / out. Logo’s approved Parko is in use in the City of Copenhagen, where it offers ticket-free parking with the driver enters the number plate on the payment machine’s innovative touchscreen.

In Parko, customers can pay with coins, Dankort and credit cards and it supports payment with contactless NFC cards. As an option, payment with MobilePay and Dankort on the mobile can also be supported. Parko is a Nets-certified payment machine for parking and is both EMV and PCI compliant.

With the small Logos Valina terminal, a purchase is completed very quickly. The payment solution accepts all modern forms of payment, has an intuitive user interface and is 100% self-service. It works both outdoors and indoors.

Logos Valina can be installed in coffee, snack and soda vending machines, solariums, laundries, access doors and other places where a flexible payment solution is needed.

Payment terminals

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