ATD – AntiTheft Device

Electronic theft protection for your fuel system.

Logos Anti Theft Device - or ATD - secures your fuel dispenser

Fuel theft is often a major issue, but an AntiTheft Device (ATD) makes theft much more troublesome.

The ATD security module is used in the communication between terminal and stand. This ensures that there is only a power supply to a stand if it is released from the terminal and thus it is protected against manual refueling and theft of fuel.

By securing the fuel system electronically, there is no need for covers and keys that get lost easily. At the same time, there can never be any doubt about the payment when it takes place mechanically and the risk of human error and fraud is limited.

It is thus an effective way of limiting a loss, which for a single petrol station can easily run up to hundreds of thousands.

AntiTheft Device gives you

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