Tailor-made apps for your facility.

Bespoke apps provide increased revenue and more satisfied and loyal customers

With an app tailored to your business model and your facility, you not only get the opportunity to increase revenue. You also give your customers a better experience and the result is more satisfied and loyal customers.

What app do you need for your system?

A number of our customers have already developed an app that exactly suits their facilities and their needs. Among other things, they have got apps for:

  • Registration of parking
  • Sale and control of tickets
  • Boom control and departure flo
  • Purchase and initiation of washing
  • Purchase and commissioning of laundry room
  • Purchase of car wash and fuel as well as subscriptions

Android, iOS or cross-platform

No matter what platform you use the app on, our specialists can develop the right solution for you. For example, the apps can be used on:

  • Android or iOS tablets
  • Android or iOS phones
  • Cross-platform project

Internal specialists ensure rapid development and effective solutions

Our first dedicated app developer was hired in 2018, and since then we have added more developers each year. This means that today we have a team of highly qualified specialists, and it gives you a fast development process and effective solutions.

In addition to our app developers, we also have server and back-end developers. The collaboration between the two teams creates optimal app functions that are thoroughly tested and reliable.

With the experience from a number of app projects for our customers, we can today both design and develop apps, and we can also develop apps based on a design that is delivered to third parties.