Ordering and buying car wash via app.

Optimized flow and easy self-service at the car wash station with Wash’r app

Wash’r is an app where end users can operate themselves at the car wash station and the car wash owner gets a faster and more efficient flow at the station.

Order, pay and start the car wash from the Wash’r app

With Wash’r, it becomes easy for end users to operate themselves and sign up for a car wash subscription.
This means a faster flow in the car wash and less waiting time for users.

  • Users can buy and start a wash via the app while sitting in the car
  • Easy and user-friendly app design
  • Accepts all types of debit cards and makes it easy to delete, edit or add debit cards
  • The car wash owner receives payment directly after the purchase
  • All app transactions are displayed in Webfuel
  • Available with or without license plate recognition camera (ANPR)
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Wash’r app features

  • Available in the AppStore and Google Play
  • Easy creation for car wash owners and car wash users
  • Opportunity to buy and start washing, refuel value or purchase a subscription
  • Displays the nearest station on a map
  • Ability to create, modify and add vehicles
  • Handles several vehicles and several car washes at same location
  • Queue function, ie. possibility of several cars in line, which have
    ordered a car wash
  • The app shows all car washes that are registered for Wash’r

Easy sign-up for existing customers

  • Low sign-up costs for customers with Logos Payment Solutions
  • Uses the existing payment gateway
  • Existing wash club customers can transfer their value to the app
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