Built-in payment terminal for card and mobile transactions.

The customers can quickly help themselves

Logos Valina is a built-in payment terminal for cards and mobile payment, and payments can be carried out with chip or as contactless payments.

The built-in payment terminal is aimed at Major credit carrd transactions and other payment cards for smaller amounts where a PIN code is not required. It means that the attendance of each customer is quick: The card is approved, and the item is chosen. 

With a Logos Valina, you get frequent settlements from Nets and low transaction costs. 

Advantages with our solutions

  • Contactless payment and MobilePay/Swish/Vipps
  • PIN keyboard built into screen
  • Compact terminal
  • Touch screen
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Cloud-based management system

Payment terminals for self-service shops and vending machines

Self-service is an advantage for you and your customers

The customers will see self-service as a service if it is done right. That is why we have made the Logos Valina intuitive and simple to use with the interactive colour screen.

The screen can also be used to show commercials and information to the customers.

The staff can reduce the processing time when a built-in payment terminal supports them. The result is happy employees and satisfied customers. 

Also, the terminals are open 24/7 enabling the customers to serve themselves at any given time and day.

Payment Options

  • Apple Pay
  • MobilePay/Swish/Vipps
  • Google Pay
  • Contactless payment
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Local cards

Increase sales with card and mobile payment in vending machines

Our experience tells us that card and mobile payments in vending machines typically increase sales by 30-40%. Furthermore, the operation becomes more efficient and cost-effective without tiresome and costly coin management while the risk of theft and vandalism is eliminated.

In our built-in payment terminals, you can carry out mobile payments via text messages and MobilePay. This way, the customers do not have to go in vain, even though one has left the payment card at home. More than 2 million Danes use MobilePay, making it a payment form that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, our built-in payment terminal also supports this kind of payment.

We also offer a MobilePay solution for integration into vending machines. We call it mCAT.

Payment terminals without PIN code

For payments of amounts below 300 kr. we offer a range of self-service payment terminals without PIN code. They can be combined with mobile payment, machine interfaces and controls and our PayManager back-end system.

The advantages are a faster payment process and a cheaper overall solution. At the same time, the customers who do not carry cash get a better service, and you avoid tiresome and expensive cash management and minimise the risk of malicious damage in connection with theft attempts on your cash holding.

Payment terminals without PIN code is an obvious choice, e.g.:

  • Snack vending machines
  • Tanning salons and wellness centres
  • Parking machines 
  • Admission payment
  • Laundries
  • Marinas
  • Camping areas
  • Road toll
  • Golf club
  • Car wash facilities
  • Public toilets with payment requirements
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Monitoring in PayManager

The web-based administration system PayManager monitors all terminals 24/7 and provides a full overview of operation and accounting.

Both of our built-in payment terminals are delivered with an interface to PayManager, keeping track of:

  • Machines
  • Terminals
  • Transactions
  • Financial data
  • Reports
  • Software updates

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Parking Copenhagen

As part of a digitisation strategy, Copenhagen Municipality has implemented ticket free parking in the municipal areas for paid parking.

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Great Belt Bridge

Drivers are met by a Logos payment terminal at the tollbooth at the Great Belt Bridge.

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For around 600 travel card machines in Denmark, where customers can fill up their travel cards, Logos has delivered a complete PCI upgrade of the payment solution.