Road payment

Payment solutions for road toll.

Choose the right terminals and cut the queue

By choosing one of our payment solutions, you get more than a terminal. You also get access to the knowledge and experience we have gathered by installing smaller self-service solutions for toll roads and large payment systems on Great Belt Bridge and Øresund Bridge.

We can advise and support you with all types of facilities and make sure that payment is carried out quickly with minimum queuing. 

Choose the right terminals and cut the queue

  • Payment terminalls
  • Classification systems
  • Back-end systems
  • Number plate reading
  • Subscription solution
  • Toll stations
  • Free-flow

Payment terminals
for road toll

Quick payment 24/7

The solution for the major bridges has naturally a significant focus on fast transactions and high uptime.

More than ten million vehicles and more than 50,000 vehicles, on the busiest days, need to go through the toll booths on the Great Belt Bridge.

Therefore, you need efficient customer dialogue, fast payment transactions and robust components with a long lifetime.

Payment Options

  • Apple Pay
  • MobilePay/Swish/Vipps
  • Google Pay
  • Contactless payment
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Local cards

Quick payments result in less queuing

When you choose a payment terminal with the right features and a user-friendly control panel, the road users can quickly help themselves.

It means that they get through the tollbooth quicker, and you can get more people through the facility in less time. 

Or to put it briefly: Quicker payments cut the queue. 


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Make traffic smooth

Besides payment solutions, you can also get solutions for efficient monitoring, check-in support and ticket sales for tollbooths.

It is an efficient tool for customer service and support functions to ensure a quick and smooth traffic pattern.

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Logos has developed, manufactured and installed beautiful ticket scanners with reliable 10,4" touch screens at Experimentarium.

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Logos has a long collaboration with Copenhagen Zoo regarding entrance registration and payment terminals.

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Logos has delivered a complete solution for automatic check-in and ticket terminals to Scandlines for their Rødby Rødby-Puttgarden and Gedser-Rostock services.