Payment and registration solutions for petrol stations, gas systems, bus and truck systems and ports.

Full-line supplier for petrol stations and fuel sites

More than 3.500 petrol stations and fuel sites in the Nordics use our payment and supervision solutions:

  • Petrol and service stations
  • Natural gas and biogas filling stations
  • Bus and truck facilities
  • Marinas

The solutions include pumps, payment terminals and registration systems with back-office systems and supervision and service.

In short, you can get everything you need for complete service station solutions for both private and open filling facilities.

Self-service payment
solution industries

  • Refueling
  • Parking
  • Car wash
  • Toll roads & Check-in
  • Laundries
  • Amusement & Leisure
  • Payment modules
  • Vending

Complete payment and monitoring services for filling and service stations

You will find all you need to establish a payment or registration solution at a petrol station or fuel site. It includes among others:

  • PaySys payment terminals (MID, EMV & PCI approved)
  • LocSys registration terminals for closed fuel pump systems (e.g. harbor, bus and truck facilities)
  • NetFuel and WebFuel back-end solutions for effective administration of complete station networks as well as individual systems and terminals
  • Interface, control and monitoring of forecourt equipment such as fuel pumps, price signs, level measuring equipment, car wash facility, oil separators, double-walled tank alarms, emergency stop, etc.
  • Remote monitoring of fuel sites, payment terminals and all connected forecourt equipment, including cameras
  • CNG dispensers for gas systems
  • Tatsuno fuel pumps that have the reputation of being among the market’s most reliable and fail-safe fuel pumps

Overall solution for fuel sites

Biogas and natural gas sites

Payment solutions and back-office systems are developed and manufactured at our headquarters in Denmark, and the CNG pumps are developed and manufactured at our subsidiary in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Deliveries include:

  • CNG dispenser STD11
  • PaySys UXL and LocSys terminals
  • NetFuel and WebFuel

We are the leading supplier of these products in Scandinavia and getting a strong position on the European market. 

Terminals for private and public bus and truck sites

In bus garages and truck sites, many users will be fueling evenings and nights. Hence, there is a focus on high dependability, and Logos’ product series, including the popular LocSys 2015 and LocSys 5015, can deliver that. Both types of terminals are robust registration, and payment terminals developed and manufactured at our headquarters in Denmark.

For bus garages and truck sites open to the public and where payment is made at the pump, the terminals accept international debit and credit cards and local loyalty cards.

In private fuel sites, the purpose is rarely to charge payment when fueling, but in those cases, a terminal from NPS can secure access to the private bus garage or truck site. Access to the pump could be granted through drivers’ cards, PIN, dallas key or similar.
Every drop of petrol counts when it comes to running a business, so Logos terminals allow you to register the following:

  • Vehicle number
  • Vehicle’s mileage
  • Amount of fuel pumped


This provides a valuable status on the number of litres pumped and can reveal a possible bad fuel economy for specific trucks and busses. We can also choose to register other products like AdBlue, motor oil and washer fluid.


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Marina fuel sites

We have everything you need to install a modern, unattended marina fuel site, including fuel dispensers, card terminals and back-office systems.

We make sure that all components are installed, set up and ready for use before our professional staff hand over the fuel site to the marina.

Our deliveries also include surveillance and service, ensuring that the marina fuel site does not run out of fuel or breaks down because of malicious damage.

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Parking Copenhagen

As part of a digitization strategy, Copenhagen Municipality introduced ticket free parking in the municipal areas for payment parking.

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Logos’ solutions collect and compile number of visitors, use of cards at the entrance, use of active entertainments, etc. and provide Tivoli with an opportunity to see the actual number of visitors at any given time.

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Dokk1 is a new library and citizen service centre at Aarhus harbour and has the largest automatic car park in Europe with room for 1.000 cars.