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Complete payment solutions for car wash systems.

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Self-service payment solutions for car wash

Get a quick flow through the car wash with complete payment solutions suitable for roll-over systems, self-wash systems and washing tunnels.

Adjust your solution with the features you need

Developed in collaboration with recognised car wash manufacturers

The self-service car wash payment terminals are developed in collaboration with large car wash system manufacturers like Wennström and Istobal, who have proved their worth for years.

It requires high standards to supply outdoor car wash payment terminals for the far-reaching area in the Nordics.

Central management gives better customer service

You can attach a range of back-office systems to the car wash, including financial reports, customer programmes and surveillance.

The back-office systems are cloud-based with a direct internet connection to all payment terminals at one or more car wash facilities. It sets resources free and ensures that support staff can help customers regardless of their physical location.

When the car wash is self-serve, the opening hours do not need to be limited by available staff. This way, you can make your car wash facilities available for your customers whenever they want them.

Payment Options

  • Apple Pay
  • MobilePay/Swis/Vipps
  • Wash'r app
  • Google Pay
  • Contactless payment
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Local cards
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Modern payment terminals make it easy to wash the car

With self-service payment terminals for car wash systems, both employees and customers can easily operate washing tunnels, DIY wash systems and truck wash.

The terminals accept both contactless and chip payments with credit cards, debit cards and smartphones like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The self-service terminals can also give access to loyalty programmes, codes, keys, registration plate recognition (ANPR), among other things.

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In collaboration with Bentax, Logos has deliverd a complete payment solution for Arla's ”on-the-go” concept

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At the toll station on Øresundsbroen, drivers are welcomed by a Logos payment terminal.

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Dokk1 is a large library and citizen service centre at Aarhus harbour, and it has one of the largest automatic parking facilities in Europe with room for 1.000 cars.