If you have a defective unit that needs to be repaired, please fill out the RMA form below.

Fill out the RMA form

If you need to send a defective device for repair, please fill out the RMA form below.

Fields marked with * should be filled in to ensure a fast expedition

Repair of defective unit

Have you been in contact with our support department regarding the challenge with the product?

If not, please contact our support department who will help you further in the process

Delivery address (if different from billing address)

If you have more than one product, feel free to upload a document. It is important that the document contains product information such as below, product, serial number, warranty provision and fault description.

Want a SWAP device send or repaired on account?

A SWAP is a refurbished device with the same functionality and warranty terms as when purchasing a new device. The SWAP device will be sent no later than 2 days after receipt of this form. The SWAP prices can be seen below and are a minimum 40% discount compared to the recommended new price. If your device is not on the list, it is not offered as SWAP and "repair by bill" is selected. If the product is vandalized, it must be expected that the SWAP price will be increased

When repairing on account, a process time of at least 20 working days can be expected. If the estimated repair price exceeds 50% of the new price, we will contact you. .

Our service department will return the form with a unique RMA number.

Then print the returned RMA form and send it with the defective unit to us at the following address:

Logos Payment Solutions A/S
Att: Repair department
Nærum Hovedgade 6
2850 Nærum

If you, contrary to expectation, should have any issues sending the form, please send us an email at

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