SuperWash Norge

Car wash facilities in Norway.

Payment terminals for SuperWash car wash

Logos has delivered payment systems to Holta & Håland who installs, services and sells car wash in Norway.

Holta & Håland has, among other things, delivered PaySys payment terminals to SuperWash in Stavanger, Norway.

SuperWash in number

Same payment system across several sites

One of the reasons SuperWash chose Logos was that we could offer a similar payment system to manage both the car wash sites and the do-it-yourself spaces.

SuperWash has 2 washers and 2 DIY wash sites at the same location, and administration becomes significantly easier for them when they can streamline the payment part.

But that was not the only reason. It was also important to them that there was an opportunity to:

  • Customers are settled according to the actual time consumption at the DIY sites
  • The payment flow was easy and simple
  • Dallas keys can be used on the entire SuperWash system

A backend system for easy administration and superb overview

SuperWash chose Logos’ PaySys terminal because:

  • Automatic refuelling of value key on the PaySys terminals
  • Create pro forma invoices for business customers
  • Print 6-digit wash codes in several stores
  • A backend system for SuperWash

One payment system to manage both car wash and DIY sites.

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