Solcenter Copenhagen Tan

Payment terminal adapted to sunbed salons and wellness centers.

Payment terminal increases safety and user-friendliness

Copenhagen Tan is one of our many sunbed salon and wellness center customers.

Sunbed salons are exposed for theft and vandalism because they are often unstaffed and has many coins.

Copenhagen Tan's criteria

Less risk of theft and vandalism

With a VendingCAT as payment terminal, Copenhagen Tan has found that it is easier and more secure to accept payment by credit card and MobilePay.

This way, they can reduce the risk of vandalism and theft, while giving customers more options to choose their own means of payment.

VendingCAT payment terminal accepts all credit cards and MobilePay

“I have been waiting a long time for a system that could be used in my center, and I am extremely pleased to have found this now. Now, I can receive payments with all credit cards as well as MobilePay. Cash is still used, but more and more people are using the new solution. My solution was easily integrated with the current system. The system has made my everyday life easier.”

Johnny Watsham, Copenhagen Tan


“Jeg har længe ventet på et system der kunne bruges i mit center og er ovenud tilfreds med nu at have fundet dette. Nu kan jeg modtage betalinger med alle kreditkort samt MobilePay. Der bliver stadigvæk betalt med kontanter, men flere og flere benytter den nye løsning. Min løsning blev nemt integreret med nuværende system. Systemet har gjort min hverdag nemmere.” 

Johnny Watsham, Copenhagen Tan

"Now, I can accept payments with all credit cards and MobilePay."

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