180 payment terminals for OIL!’s Danish state-of-the-art petrol stations

Complete payment solutions for OIL! tank & go

OIL! tank & go got more than 180 payment terminals for their filling stations in Denmark. The state-of-the-art solutions provide the possibility to offer company cards, electronic receipts, loyalty programmes for bank and credit cards, etc.

OIL! in numbers

OIL! has used Logos from the beginning – and they still do

Since the beginning in 2007, Logos has supplied payment terminals, pumps, surveillance, installation and service for OIL! tank & go.

Modern petrol stations

OIL! tank & go (previously Haahr Benzin) is a company under the German Mabanaft, which is a part of the privately owned and international oil company Marquard & Bahls AG.

Today, OIL! has more than 300 petrol stations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and 46 stations in Denmark. The Danish sites are ultra modern and efficient filling stations.

46 modern and efficient filling stations in Denmark uses payment solutions from Logos.

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