Naturgas Fyn

Payment solution for the first tank facility with compressed gas in Denmark.

Naturally, the first gas fuel site had to have the best solution

In 2011, NGF Nature Energy established the first fuel site with compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles in Denmark. Naturally, Logos took part and provided a solution with CNG pump and payment terminal.

NGF Nature Energy in numbers

Our deliverables to NGF Nature Energy include:

  • CNG dispenser STD11
  • PaySys payment terminals
  • WebFuel
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Surveillance via FuelWatch
  • Support

It started with one and ended up with five

Since the first site opened in Odense (island of Fyn, Denmark), NPS has delivered equipment and services to all the subsequent NGF natural gas stations.

Today, NGF Nature Energy has five CNG service stations.

The collaboration started with the first gas fuel site in 2011 and during the next ten years, it was expanded with another four sites.

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Mere end 3.500 brændstofanlæg i Norden bruger vores betalings- og overvågningsløsninger:

Tank- og servicestationer
Tankanlæg med biogas og naturgas
Bus- og truckanlæg

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