Upgrading of existing vending machines and backend system.

Upgrade of the entire system

When Molslinjen had to expand its check-in area in Aarhus, the choice was to upgrade the entire system with Logos’ ACINA check-in and payment terminals as well as ACI Manager and PayManager back-end systems for the administration and monitoring of the overall solution.

Molslinjen's criteria

Simple check-in with scanning of reservations and quick payment

The fully automatic solution ensures simple check-in with the scanning of reservations made via the app or website as well as fast payment with Molslinjen’s trip card, Dankort, credit card or Brobizz for customers who have not reserved beforehand.

Once the check-in is completed, the terminal opens the barrier and the motorist can drive onwards on the indicated lane.

The terminals' interface matches Molslinjen's app and website

The terminals’ customer interface and user flow has been executed so there is a clear connection to the Molslinjen app and website for booking tickets, among other things. The solution provides the possibility for customers to buy special offers in the restaurants from the terminals on the express ferries, for example.

Logos’ solution has an interface to Molslinjen’s reservation and ticket system, Nets, Brobizz and ensures an overall system consistency.


Molslinjen has added a complete solution with terminals, ANPR cameras, etc. for: 

The solution is prepared purchases of additional offers, e.g. on the restaurants on the ferries.

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