Payment terminals and backend system for some of the world’s largest iron ore mines.

Betalingsterminaler og backend-system til under- og overjordiske tankanlæg

In northern Sweden near Kiruna you will find some of the world’s largest iron ore mines. Since its inception in 1890, LKAB has extracted and supplied iron ore from Kiruna to the global steel market.

LKAB in numbers

Solutions for demanding environments

For LKAB’s mines in northern Sweden, Logos has delivered terminals and NetFuel (as a backend system) to all the underground and above-ground tank facilities.

In addition, we have also supplied Tatsuno pumps for LKAB.

55 filling stations for exposed environments

LKAB’s produktion af jernmalm er 26,9 million tons pr. år, hvilket svarer til ca. 80% af den samlede europæiske produktion.

I dag er der ca. 55 tankanlæg i minerne, og de har behov for betalingsterminaler, der aldrig svigter – selvom de står i et udsat miljø.

LKAB’s production of iron ore is 26.9 million tonnes per year, which corresponds to approx. 80% of total European production.

Today, there are approximately 55 filling stations in the mines, and they need payment terminals that never fail – even if they are in an exposed environment.

LKAB needs extremely reliable solutions because they work in demanding environments. With Logos solutions, they got payment terminals and a backend system that comply with their high standards.

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