Aesthetic and reliable ticket scanners.

Ticket scanners with a high-end design

Logos Design has developed, produced and installed beautiful ticket scanners with a reliable 10.4 ″ touch screen at Experimentarium in Hellerup.


Experimentarium's criteria

Increased need for self-service access control

In connection with the opening of the cinema MovieHouse on the top floor, the need for self-service access control increased, for example at the lifts and exhibition rooms.

The employees can focus on creating a good visitor experience, while the guests can quickly enter the exciting exhibitions.

Extraordinary design

The scanners are beautifully designed in copper and steel, which match the design of the Experimentarium. The solid glass railing also falls discreetly into the style of the impressive atrium, while supporting a good visitor flow.

The scanning of tickets and annual cards are automatically registered in the financial system so that the number of visitors is always in control.

Extraordinary design – and with back-end systems just as user-friendly and reliable as always.

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