Tivoli – Amusement Park

Tivoli – Amusement Park

Logos has delivered customised solutions to Tivoli since 1996 and, among other things, delivers solutions for admission registration as well as self-service and payment at the rides.

An example is the Gold Terminal, which can be found at the entrances and handles contactless reading of season passes and effective service of guests with Tivoli cards, which ensures a smooth entrance for visitors with season passes to the garden.

Logos’ solutions collect and compare visitor statistics, the use of cards at the entrances, the use of rides, etc. and gives Tivoli the option of seeing the current number of visitors at any time.

Logos’ VendingCAT can also be found in Tivoli and provides the option for payment with Dankort and credit cards for single tickets directly at the rides in case the visitors do not have an all-day pass.

The design and customer interface in all solutions for Tivoli are adapted to match Tivoli’s design requirements.