Dansk Retursystem

Dansk Retursystem

Dansk Retursystem A/S’ deposit return banks make it simple and easy for users to deliver bottles and cans in sacks and to have the deposit refunded into their Dankort account.

Logos has developed and delivered the reverse vending machine which accepts deposit sacks with bottles and cans and sells new deposit sacks to the user.

Deposit return banks are another way in which to deliver bottles and cans. Fast and easy .
You put about 100 empty bottles and cans into the same sack, close it and drive to the deposit return bank. Here, you register your payment card in the reverse vending machine and push the sack into the hatch. The whole process takes less than one minute and in the course of about two to five banking days, the money will be deposited into your account.

The customer dialogue is adapted to the user flow where graphics, etc. match Dansk Retursystem’s design lines. If there are problems, you can easily contact a customer service employee at Dansk Retursystem by using the vending machine’s intercom system.

The deposit vending machine has an interface to:

  • The deposit return bank’s PLC control
  • Dansk Retursystem’s ERP system
  • Logos’ back-end for monitoring and administration of the solution
  • Dansk Retursystem’s customer centre via the vending machine’s intercom system
  • Nets host system

Deposit return banks can be found in 12 towns around the country.