Dankort on mobile phones on unattended terminals

An agreement between Logos and Nets means that payment terminals from Logos for vending machines, parking solutions, toll booths, ticket terminals, etc. can be made ready to accept Dankort on the mobile phone. ZOO in Copenhagen joins in from the beginning.


In the course of spring and summer, when you pay at a self-service payment terminal delivered by Logos, it will also give you the option to pay with Dankort on your mobile phone.

“Danes have accepted cashless payments with Dankort with open arms when it comes to small and large amounts. You get the same simple user experience when you can pay with Dankort on the mobile phone in physical stores and at the many payment terminals which Logos are responsible for,” says Jeppe Juul-Andersen, assistant general manager at Nets with responsibility for Dankort.

Dankort on the mobile phone gives all Danes the option to have their Dankort on their mobile phones. The card holder has the same high consumer protection as the physical Dankort today. The store can use their existing Dankort agreement when they also accept Dankort on the mobile phone and it does not cost extra for the store to accept transactions with Dankort on the mobile phone.


Technical solution available soon

The technical solution that means that terminals can support this is almost complete at Logos and we will be able to implement it for our customers in the course of spring and summer.

“You can pay with Dankort in basically all terminals and vending machines. Many of our customers would also like to accept payments via the mobile phone and, therefore, it is natural to provide the option to pay with Dankort on the mobile phone in a simple way in the terminal solutions we are responsible for,” says CEO from Logos, Lars Clausen.


ZOO is in from the beginning

One of the places that will accept Dankort on the mobile phone from the outset is ZOO in Copenhagen. Here, division manager, Palle Juhl Taulov, looks forward to being among the first to accept Dankort on the mobile phone:

“We can see from our experiences with cashless payments that it catches on quickly once people have tried it – the queues simply become shorter. In our vending machines, we have an average purchase of 30 DKK, so in the majority of cases our guests will not need to enter a code. Based on our good experiences with cashless Dankort, it is natural for us to also make payments with Dankort on the mobile phone available as soon as this is possible,” explains the division manager.

ZOO in Copenhagen has ten vending machines in the garden where you can purchase soft drinks or sweets or pay for admission to the ZOO tower, among other things.


Contact information

Lars Clausen, CEO Logos
T +45 25 25 50 00
E: lcl@logos.dk

Palle Juhl Taulov, division manager at ZOO in Copenhagen
T +45 40 90 80 75
E: pjt@zoo.dk

Søren Winge, Public Relations Officer at Nets
T +45 29 48 26 46
E: swing@nets.eu